Restorative Movement Therapy
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Therapies Utilized

I utilize Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques, friction massage, traditional deep tissue, connective tissue and swedish massage techniques in order to affect the neurological system of the body.  The treatment you receive is individualized to fit your needs for pain management, relaxation, alignment & movement issues, and overall health.


Orthopedic Manual Manipulation:

This treatment encompasses several soft tissue modalities in order to help rehabilitate certain areas of the body from injury, overuse, and repetitive strain.  Often involves taking joints through specific ranges of motion & actively engaging the client with corrective exercise to correct muscle imbalances & normalize a return to functional movement patterns.  This is the most common treatment offered in my clinical practice as I consistently embrace new & changing research in the field of biomechanics.

Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques:

Based on the work of Erik Dalton, PhD, I look at various conditions such as Janda’s upper and lower crossed syndrome. The approach taken is of ‘joint mobilization through soft tissue manipulation’. Techniques used line up the iliosacral/sacroiliac relationship and treatment of deep fourth layer fibrotic tissue along the spine to restore proper function of specific spinal segments. It's more about freeing up joint fixations.  This work is very specific and involves active movement on the part of the client, the result is a restoration of balance of the human body in gravity. Head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, thoracic, lumbar, pelvis, scoliotic patterns and leg dysfunction are commonly relieved using these techniques.

Deep Tissue:

Techniques used include a variety of specific maneuvers designed to release individual muscle bellies mixed well with classical Swedish massage techniques. Oftentimes, clients come to me and just want me to dig and dig on a sore spot; however, this is not the most efficient way of solving the problem.   ‘No Pain No Gain’ is not my philosophy.  I believe communication is the most important part of these types of sessions.  While I can feel the adhesion breaking up as I work with your body, I do not know what a client may be feeling.  Anything causing pain should be brought to my attention and altered immediately.  All feedback is welcome and highly encouraged with any bodywork session!

Active Isolated Stretching:

Aaron Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching involves a stretch of the target muscle along with a contraction of the opposing muscle, or the antagonist, to create an inhibitory affect to the muscle in spasm. These are great ‘take home’ techniques and are custom tailored to your needs. It's important for improving range of motion and  releasing long held tension and spasm patterns.


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